Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 21st

November 21st-
I have talked before about how my job is changing my character. And of course that is no small feat. I am happy that a better Sabrina continues to be discovered daily. Of course, it is easy to switch back to my self-centered ways, and catch an attitude with people. But I am striving to work on that! I hung up the phone on a teacher today in frustration, so I know how much work is left to be done. But less of me and more of others is the mantra. And I am not going to give up.

As a part of this whole change, I come to my thanks for today. At work I get to feed the hungry. Both literally and figuratively. Last year there was a particular student who stressed me out to the extreme and I found myself avoiding him. Obviously not my brightest moment. Well, this child has been having a much better year, but today was troublesome. And so I had to go get him. And a little part of me on the inside wanted to fall back to the old reactions and negative thoughts. But I didn't. And so we sat and talked and I let myself purposefully keep the past in the past. And even though it was 10:30 and I had just dipped into my applesauce breakfast, when he looked at me and said that he had been late to school and that he was hungry. I don't know, it just got me right in the gut. So I ended up giving him a hodgepodge breakfast.

Then later on, just as I warmed up the homemade soup my mom had made, my principal came into my office just to breathe for a moment. It was a WILD day everyone. On the brink of being too much! Anyway, she had forgotten her lunch and I could just see that she needed a pick-me up. Because being a principal at a struggling Title 1 school is one of the hardest things I have ever seen done. And we chatted for a minute and she mentioned that she was hungry. Twice in one day, hungry people ended up right in my office. And I could have given her popcorn or an orange. But again, right in my gut I knew that she needed my soup. And I remembered my UGA College Minister Adam saying one day that you give the best that you have to others. Giving others junk and things that have been completely worn out, is actually not really helping at all. Though we might feel that it is. You give like you were the one in need. And of course this idea is completely Biblical, but Adam just said it in a way that always stuck with me. Anyway, I gave her my soup.... and her smile was my reward. I just was reminded that no matter what, I am thankful that I have been equipped to feed others. I am thankful that lately I have not ignored the need that literally is right in front of me.

2 people today came across my path. And since I believe in the saying that you do need to be the change that you want to see in the world. I was thankfully able to help them out and learn a little something more about myself along the way.

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Stacey said...

beautiful, Sabrina.