Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Busy Bee

Currently I am quite the busy bee. However, there are plenty of good things mixed with my busyness (spelled correctly according to Microsoft Word).

If you dropped by my lil apartment you would find me doing a mixture of the following:

Writing my last paper for the Fall semester

Packing for cold Kansas City

Mailing Christmas cards far and near

Running errands all over Athens and even Atlanta

Listening to Pandora ALL the TIME

Applying for an assistantship ( Fall 2011-Spring 2012 which seems so far away!)

Cleaning every nook and cranny

A random assortment of things

Yeah, it's kind of hectic....but soon I will be leaving on a jet plane to visit my friend Stacey (Sunday). Then leaving in a Stewart family car caravan to head to my favorite place, Orlando and Disney!!!!!

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