Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kansas Travels

 I am back from my first ever flying winter trip (Yay me...I used to be scared of Christmas travels and the airport!). Kansas was just wonderful! I will post more details later but I wanted to check in quickly.

 I survived some FRIGID temps, that made me appreciate FL and GA a lot more:) I had 5 fabulous days with my sweet friend Stacey and her welcoming family. There was snow and I was excited! I wore layers like a true Northerner....yep thermal tops and bottoms;)

 The airport was full of people traveling to see family and it made me excited to get to see mine so soon. I can pretty much tell that I won't ever be moving across country...too far from my roots.

 Before I hit the bed a shirt I saw said.... "Just when the caterpillar was going to give up on life, it turned into a butterfly." I stopped right there in the busy Detroit airport and reread that one and I just can't get it out of my tired head. I have been that caterpillar....and I have had butterfly moments that make it all worth it:)   

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