Saturday, December 18, 2010

We want to believe

 During this season more than any other I feel as if all humankind wants to believe. In what you are probably asking?
My answer is in EVERYTHING!

Anxious Floridian kiddies wait hopefully for cold rain that could turn into snow.

Adults watch the news and are angered by senseless holiday crimes... because really, who does that at Christmas....any other time of the year it's normal.

Families get together and share new joys and old memories...and we want to believe that some habits have changed.... sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

People enter sweepstakes and raffles... because if you are ever going to win a trip for 4 to Hawaii, it would be at Christmas:)

Churches are filled with folks with all types of beliefs...the happy part is that they come to worship....the gut wrenching part is that they want to believe that a few times a year is enough to build a lasting relationship with our God.

I want to believe that the wishes and prayers that have yet been unfulfilled will suddenly be worked out before the New Year.

I enjoy this time of the year! So many things seem possible in my innocent and sometimes too trusting heart. I hope that everyone will have a marvelous Christmas with family and friends, creating memories of all the magnificent things that you want to believe in!

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