Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shooting Star

This time last week I was in Kansas having a ball.....now I am home in Jacksonville and heading to Orlando. That is a blessing in itself, that I have had the opportunity to travel.

In Kansas one evening I glimpsed a shooting star. It is only the 2nd one I have ever seen! And I love them because they are always a surprise....you never know when they are going to flash across the sky.

Life is full of surprises....and as usual some are amazing and some are shattering. This year has been surprising. But for some reason a part of me feels as if next year, 2011, holds A LOT more surprises. (I think I feel excited about that.)

One mark of my maturity in Christ is me seeing and acknowledging him more and more. He truly is everywhere and in everything. A healthy family is a blessing. My friends and their unending support is a blessing (This UGA transition has been many things and I was strengthened by their support and care). UGA and my future profession are blessings. My church family especially at Chaffee Road is a blessing and a glimpse into what heaven must be like.

That shooting star reminded me that God is great and surprising. I however am not....I do many of the things that I have done for a while. I sometimes respond with old emotions to new situatations. I HATE to be disappointed (I don't know if that will ever change...SIGH)....and yet the surprise is that in the midst of it all God is using me. He is growing me and helping me and surprising me with his good will in my life.

One thing I know...I have 4 more months left of being 25 and a brand new year ahead....may I be open to the surprises....even if it means letting go.....even if it means stretching. May I be strong enough to deal with my life (hahaha that sounds so melodramatic and interesting!)  

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