Thursday, December 9, 2010

Excerpt from a prayer

My prayers are definitely personal and also I think pretty personable. Here is an excerpt from my prayer today...I share it not because it is special but because it so easy for me to forget to pray for those whose lives are dark and dreary. I get specific about the great things but sort of gloss over the bad.

"God please bless and help the sad, depressed, angry, sick, and tired. Lord there are those who need you who are weary, mad, confused, and hurting. There are people mourning, addicted, and hurting in ways I cannot even imagine. And God especially be with those in abusive situations whether it be sexual, physical, verbal or emotional…above all God I plead for the children in these situations!”

"My God please bring light, help, happiness and joy to those who are needy. May the people who feel alone find amazing peace and comfort in you and your people. Thank You God my life…I am blessed and favored to know you and love you!"

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annie said...

i love the "i am blessed and favored" part... reminds me so much of mary, who even during what had to be the scariest day of her life, felt "blessed and favored" by her Lord.

great post!