Monday, December 6, 2010


 I can only speak for me when I say that tears are refreshing. They remind me that I am not superwoman. That I have weak places. That this heart is still soft and capable of being moved by emotions.

 I have never cried happy tears, though I have laughed so hard I have cried....I don't even know if they are the same thing:)

 I don't really like to cry....but I need to cry sometimes, if that makes any sense. This 25th year has been a good one...I am blessed and happy, but I have cried over transitions, new things, old things, movies, and just life in general.

Lately I have had to make some frustrating and difficult choices, I can only hope that I have done and am doing the right thing. Connected with my post a few days ago, I am seeing that part of me letting go of the past and moving on involves some tears. I don't think I am getting these words out exactly right...but this blog has and will never be perfect (though I hope to keep it honest) and for that I am thankful:)


Jessie Daniels said...

I love your honest reflections on this blog. I have had to come to terms with tears. I just feel too much and it leaks out. :) I have no doubt that God is leading your decisions and will work through them all. You are wonderful sister in Christ. :)

annie said...

I hope we get to visit soon now that life is slowing down... I think tears can be therapeutic, and I assure you: I've shed plenty over the past few months. I'll be praying for peace for you and your spirit. Love you!