Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ladies/Girl's/Women's Prayer Group: 2

When I think back to my second Prayer Group experience in Tallahassee I think back to how God worked SO mightily. I mean, he really did and because we met together and shared we were able to rejoice and mourn with each other as needed. It was a time of growth for us all. The funny thing is the numbers never were huge. They also were not always consistent. But that did not in any way lessen the effect. Again it reminded me that God blesses small home grown initiatives and gargantuan groups. Even though I could argue that a gargantuan group might not always be the best.

Babies, adoptions, faith, health, jobs, moving, life.... we bought it all to God weekly and he was SO faithful to us all. I had matured this second time around. We started this group up during my 2nd year of teaching at Roberts. So it was different....but in a good way. It was what taught me that anytime you get a group together you are going to have a different experience, even if the purpose is the exact same as before.

Again our group would last late into the evening, sprinkled with prayer, sharing, food, music and laughter. Again I am thankful for that time in my life and the women I met who still are on my prayer list to this day.

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