Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Change- The Signs

Maybe you are like me. Or maybe not. But often times, I cannot always see the changes in myself. Year by year and month by month, decade by decade (OK, well yes I can see those changes), and finally day by day.

I live with me all the time. And I am coming to know myself (the bright and dark) better and better.
But, there is mighty change happening. And sometimes I don't see it. I don't hear the changes in my speech, or see the changes in my body, or feel the changes in my spirit.

It takes seeing the date to make me realize ...WOW we are in December....how far I have come since New Year's 2012. Or seeing the "babies" of friends growing up so very quickly. That makes me realize that one year is FULL of change, no matter if I recognize it or not.

The signs of change are evident in my journal and prayer journal. They are clear in the nature that God made.  They are present in the lives of friends and the friendships that bless me. I was never one to embrace change, unless I had been well forewarned. And it's not like I have arrived or anything. But, maybe I am just more comfortable with the fact that change is necessary. And that change happens to all people, at all times.

I am praying for some Godly changes to grace my life in 2013 and beyond. I am very unsure what they will look like however.

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