Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Positive Growth- Reflection 1

It was 2011, and I was wanting to actually have a goal for the New Year that I would keep.
I wanted to be different, and committed to something for one full year.
So I knew I was not going to be specific, I was going to make it easy to keep my goal for the New Year (2012).

A year later I am proud of myself. I think that I achieved my goal. That is a satisfying feeling!
So I wanted to look back at some of the ways that Positive Growth was a part of the life of Sabrina in 2012.

Due to a variety of factors, I am healthier this year! I lost 17 pounds, and that right there is something to be celebrated!! The weight loss has influenced my blood pressure and complexion. It was a gradual thing, and something that I will have to work on daily. But now I know that it can be done. I am so very proud of myself. If you have ever struggled to lose weight, then I know you will understand my pleasure. People have asked, how did I do it. Well it was purposeful. And it was in some ways deliberate. But, there was no magic pill. It was a combination of increased movement. I am walking up and down the halls of my work A LOT. I need a pedometer;) Then add, eating less to the mix. I am satisfied with less now, and that was brought on by my early morning routines, and inability to eat lunch at a normal time. The stress of work was the catalyst at the beginning, but that does not factor in much anymore. I am happy with how I look, and know that there is more work to be done. Positive Growth in the health department...CHECK.

Compared to last year, my personal spiritual growth has flourished. What a blessing! That is because I was tested. And I failed, but God has re-established himself as my foundation. I could write a book about the trials and waiting that was dumped on me this year. But I won't. I will say, that I was building my life on crumbling foundations. My will, comfort, consistency and pleasure were the bricks that I had been stacking. And boy oh boy, when my house started getting pressure, the foundations crumbled. And I was left weak, confused and fragile and desperate for God. And I learned that we need that place sometimes. Because that is a place of quiet and a desperate search to know God again. After much personal work and learning, I am glad to report that the rebuilding project is coming along. I am growing in trust in God and his will. I am backing down from the way that I want it to be, and embracing they way that it actually is. Increases in my Bible reading, morning devotionals, time in prayer, quiet time with God, and singing songs of praise and worship are evident to me. Positive Growth in the spiritual realm....CHECK.

*Part 2 coming soon*

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