Friday, December 28, 2012

Positive Growth- Reflection 2

Last year my goal was general Positive Growth. Almost a year later and I am pleased to report that my goal was accomplished in a number of ways.

Helping More was one subcategory of Positive Growth. Here I wrote about some ideas that I wanted to implement in my daily life. 12 months later, and I was able to write cards to others each month. From friends to strangers, I was purposeful as I looked for ways to encourage others. And I really didn't go in with the expectation of getting cards back in response. Sometimes it's just good to put good out there, the world is desperate for it.

I was not so successful with helping or donating to a different charity each month. But, that is OK. My effort is worth something. Combined, the cards and trying to donate, all culminated in positive growth and maturity in my life.

On another level, this year I was able to be a better friend. And in my life that looked like stepping back and taking a chill pill. I tuned in and tried to be aware of the needs of my nearest and dearest. There are those I was able to confide in regularly, and those who I was able to communicate with more sporadically. I invested in the friends who wanted to invest in me. And I was much more satisfied. I accepted new definitions for my friendships, and along the way deepened the necessary bonds that make for friends for life. I have had time over the last few months to spend quality time with my ladies. From Target reunions, to Halloween pumpkins in Rhode Island. From pizza to help return some normalcy to those who are grieving, to walking tours of Boston. From trips to Tallahassee, to prayer group in Athens. I have enriched the friendships that I have and come to see them as the blessing that they are meant to be.

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