Monday, December 24, 2012

I GET it Now

It has been quite the emotionally exhausting day. Never has a Christmas Eve been full of such back to back sad news and loss. My heart has been heavy this day and my soul has experienced anguish as I mourned for those who mean so much to me.

And I usually don't take time to write on the actual holidays, because the days are so busy and distracting. But I wanted to have some remembrance of this day, and the grown-up lesson that I finally understood in full.

Tonight the four of us headed to Daytona to see some of my family. My beloved grandma is fresh out of a hospital stay and I was yearning to see her. She is still spunky Laura, but she is not 100% well either. The house was full of family and food! It was full of family chatter and the joy of being with those that you love.

And, because some of the sad news involved dear family friends, and because my grandma is still weak, when my daddy asked everyone to come pray...they did. And in one of those moments that is perfect in simplicity, we lifted our voices and sang a few songs. And my heart could have burst, it was just so full! Sitting on the edge of a bed in a room filled with family, I finally understood. This Christmas is not about material gifts. It is about memories and people and love for our blessed families. I understood that though Santa bought me a fantastic gift to GA, it could not and will not, fill my heart like the love and joy of being with my family in moments of peace.

I get what it is all about! At this season which should be so joyous, but has been tougher than many would like, I was able to experience the true spirit of the season. We stripped away the false comforts, the layers of the hustling and bustling world, and our own differences. And we gathered around, without order, but with a specific reason. And that reason was just to be together. The TV was off, no cell phones were out, tempers were tamed. We were our very best selves in that moment, and it made me realize just how special this life can be. In some ways, those 20 minutes redeemed the last few months with their stress and growth. Praise God for what he has done. Praise God for what he is doing. Praise God for what he will do.
Good Night and Merry Christmas!

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