Friday, January 11, 2013

Bringing Peace with me

I am thinking that the best thing that I could have done for me, is focusing on peace for this year.
Our society, my age group, they do not value peace, and I was no different. Rip running all over was as easy as breathing to me. But, when I focused on it, and really looked, I realized that the best me was not the busy me. She was doing fine, but she was not reaching her full potential, living one planned to the hilt exhausting day after another. So, I am prayerfully pumping the brakes for a year. In hopes that the dividends will be long-lasting.

With 11 days under my belt here is what I have learned. Though I want to change things to have more peace in the environments in which I live work and play. I have learned that it is far better for me to cultivate peace within, that can then change how I see and approach my different environments.

Focusing on peace, not having panicked reactions, leaving my troubles and cares that are way too heavy with my Lord. There is peace in these things. Not thinking about months ahead, not worrying things to death trying to figure out minuscule details, not blaming myself for things that are really beyond me. That is where I am finding peace.

The peace that I take with me changes how I see things. I perceive people as doing their best instead of trying to bother me. I feel like I can handle what is involved with one day. Instead of dreading what I figured would happen in weeks to come. I value my efforts so much more! I am listening to what I am saying to others. It really is your effort that counts! I am letting the perfection train leave the station without me. Getting more comfortable in my own skin....and it's even a grander blessing than I imagined.

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