Saturday, January 12, 2013

The work of my Hands

I want to try and describe the pleasure I get from working with my hands in the kitchen. Chopping, mixing, washing (Oooops, that's not true) all these things and more. They in turn relax and inspire me.

It starts when my mind lights up as I come across a new recipe  I have this gut feeling for what will taste good. I like rich flavors and traditional seasonings and pairings. I am not adventurous per say, but I will throw a little bit of this and that into most of my dishes. I am a pronounced picky eater, so I like plain food that is cooked well and not drenched in too many sauces.

Sometimes, it begins in the home of family or a friend as I mentally deconstruct the meal that I am eating. Asking for recipes is like my way of complimenting the cook!

But, it's in the kitchen where my magic happens. I love a well organized kitchen, because I don't want any extra stress fumbling around for the things I need. In my day to day cooking I am not an apron wearer, I save them for special occasions, and I have some great aprons thanks to my wonderful friends.

There is something for me in the creation of good food. Well seasoned and delicious. Who has time to eat a mediocre meal. I am truthful in the fact that I usually blend ready made items with homemade items, after all I am a working girl. I don't have all day to throw down in the kitchen.

For some reason, making my meals connects me deeply with my mama who has been making mouth-watering meals for years now. It's my homage to her and all of the soulful cooks in my family.

Here are some of the things I have made with my hands that have gotten rave reviews. Really, not even being modest.
Treats- Rolo Pretzal Bites (Super Bowl party anyone)
Breakfast- Blissful Biscuits from Paula Deen
Winter Soup- Chicken Taco Soup (an easy crockpot favorite)

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