Sunday, January 20, 2013

January- Stacey

In the back of my mind I had this idea to combine my love of cooking with my love of friends.
So, this year I want to diligently try and host one friend each month. I want to cook for them and eat with them because these things mean so much to me. And they deepen friendships. I just want to have fun and food with my fabulous friends:)

In January I hosted Stacey for the MLK Jr. weekend. It was just plain old nice to have my friend stay with me. On Sunday, I cooked dinner for her.
Stove top stuffing
sauteed squash and onions
and onion/pepper hamburger steaks

The food was yummy. My first time with a recipe that my mama gave me. I am proud of my meal.
I am completely satisfied with my friendship and the wise conversations that we got to to share about the growing pains of life.

*It would be stretching myself to cook a different menu for each friend, each month. We shall see about that!*

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