Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Not for Them

I am blessed to have a kind and caring boss. We have clicked since my days as an Intern.
I feel privileged to work with her. She values my opinion and I can go to her with just about anything. All of those things matter and I am grateful.

I am doubly blessed to work with two beyond amazing behavior specialists. They are literally an answer to my (and others) pleadings and prayers. After times of feeling overworked and ignored (not on purpose..just out of being too busy), I appreciate the kindness, hilarity, and thoughtfulness of these new friends. It does my heart good to work with them.

In spite of all of these things and people, I cannot make this decision to stay or leave just based on them.
There is a cloud of things that are weighing down on this choice. And I really want to get to a place where I truly mean it when I say, "God's will be done." I am getting there. But it is slow going. And that is OK. There are lessons to learn along the way.

The main thing I fear is disappointment. But I still have hope, though it has been tested. It's not really a hope based in reality, but it is full of genuine Sabrina enthusiasm!

I'm dedicated to an enjoyable life. I am special and blessed and growing in God in amazing ways.
There is peace in knowing that he will provide everything, he already has. He cares more than I can imagine. And I can trust him to lead me, and I can trust myself to give up this tight grip on my plan, my feelings, and my organization.

Praise God above for his loving kindness and loving faithfulness. Amen

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