Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bye Verizon

One trait of my type A, oldest sibling persona is the fact that I get attached to people and things and experiences. There are certain things that I don't want to change or get nervous about giving up. I am a hoarder of experiences.....I know that is kind of different.

Recently, our family made the decision to move on over to AT&T. It is exciting, because I will get an iphone....ohhhhh.....ahhhhh:) However it means we are leaving Verizon. And would you believe it.....I think I am attached to Verizon.

I mean it was our first ever cellphone carrier. So back in the day when Mel and I would take our mama's phone to high school for emergencies (I'm dating myself I know!) that was with Verizon. And then there was the time when my family dropped me off at FSU and our LAST they were on the way back to Jax. was a Verizon store to get me my own cell phone!  ALL of my sustained long distance friendships have included a plethora of calls on my Verizon phone. I mean there are friends I only see about once a year (sadly)....yet our phone talks are a treasured part of the life of our maturing friendship. Learning how to text? Yeah that was with Verizon. My first text was to Melanie and I will always remember it because I didn't know how to find the space button. So it looked something like this......hellohowareyou?

Time and people change. Cell phone bills get more and more expensive and companies offer great deals that can be hard to refuse. So phone upgrade here we come.....but Verizon you connected many, many an important phone call for me during our 11 years together. Thanks!

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annie said...

this post made me laugh. such funny memories of our very first cell phones. we're so old!!! :)