Sunday, August 28, 2011


"Florida has its own rhythm, too. People go to work, they watch their children learn and grow and start families of their own. They play in the sun and pass their lives enjoying the outsized blessings that make our state unique."
Jeb Bush 

* Though I do not agree with all of his politics....his words match my thoughts.*

I am heading home to Florida on Friday! I am ecstatic! One thing I do know from this move to that there is NO place like home. The people, the places, and fun that makes home, so amazing can not ever be replicated.

I am settling into my schedule more each day and getting more sleep so that I can power through my days....and be less grumpy! College football rolls out this weekend and I can't wait! I have to admit that I am more FSU fan than UGA.....but I want both teams to do well!

Trying kickboxing classes and they are the BEST workout I have ever done! I mean you have to WORK. Also, keeping tabs on my daily allotment of fruits and veggies. Still trying to have healthier habits.

My camera is working now I can update with some photos. Have a blessed and purposeful week!

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