Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall Life

It's the second week of Fall semester. And I can definitely say that this Fall and probably Spring also will be the time when the grad school rubber hits the road. It just feels different to be in my second year. Like everything REALLY matters. I don't know, I can't explain it.

I have very reduced hours at my athletic mentoring job....but I still love what I do! I have enough organizational skills to share:)

My Assistantship is so much of a God send that you would not even believe it. The people...friendly and helpful. The experience....useful and worthwhile. And with more and more competition for these spots around campus, I say a thankful prayer often that God provided such a great one for me.

Classes.....yep I am still taking classes. 3 classes this Fall term. All interesting and all pertinent to my future profession.

Internship! Ok, I am almost done. My school site is a hub of activity. However, I feel as if I am getting a wonderful and real experience so that makes me happy. The job of a school counselor is often misunderstood and I have to admit that I continue to learn more and more each day.

Church is new students and restarting girls Prayer Group. It is continuing to read my Bible as much as I can. Currently I am in Psalms and learning from David and his transparent heart. I mean really.....he was an open book!

In the miscellaneous section goes all the other things that make Fall so fun. Overall, if you were wondering, life in Athens is blessed and full of growth and personal revelations. Have a great week!

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