Saturday, August 6, 2011


In the rush to end the summer session I completely forgot something. And since reading is one of the foundational (made up word alert!) parts of this blog (doesn't that sound fancy!) I need to remedy it right now.

BORDERS is CLOSING! Now, the main reason I am distraught is because they had the best book value! There is no other book store out there, that sends out coupons once a week. I know that uppity Barnes and Nobles sure doesn't. (I don't have anything against Barnes and Nobles.....they just are not friendly towards the wallet......and that matters to a grad student!)

I will admit that I have stocked up on books and things over the last two weeks at Borders. It's kind of like I am paying homage to a good friend. The kind of retail friend that was the first place I went to buy some of my favorite things!

Ah Borders I will miss ya dearly!

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