Friday, August 19, 2011

Today is Enough

Flaw revelation time.....

I have this thing about imagining/planning the future. And looking back at the past.
It is something that I think is a problem. I try to be present in the moments, but when I am alone or relaxing my mind wanders forward to an unseen future and back to a lived past.

Here is what I think I need to tell myself when I catch my mind a'wanderin.....

Today is Enough.
It is enough to be with the people you will see today.
It is enough to take part in the activities that one day can bring.
It is enough to be right here and now, in this place.
It is enough to hold the emotions that will come up during this time.
It is enough to be thankful for the past and then move on.
It is enough to be prayerful for the future and then live on.
It is enough to have questions and no answers.
It is enough to let go and be here!

Each day is enough, all by itself. I cannot experience that when I am not all here. When I am wishing for things to be different. Or wanting what is obviously not in the plan for me currently. Entering this busy and stressful yet delightful last year of grad school, I need to focus. To be here. Because sooner than I can imagine I will be looking back at these moments. Here's to my last Fall of graduate school and every experience of enough in the present day!

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Natalie said...

These are things I need to remember come May... I have a feeling I will be an emotional bag of tricks!