Sunday, August 7, 2011

Peace for a hectic soul

As I sit here this morning
Not having gone to formal worship
My mind and soul are at such a peaceful and still place.

I stayed in and spent time with myself, my God, and my soul.
I found this song on You Tube, and its gorgeous, slow, and purposeful pace was just right for this moment.

I know that I am blessed to really understand the absolute beauty of the human voice lifted in praise to God.
Of course there are all types of praise and worship songs out there, but I know the God who created us loves our voices:)

Here is my prayer for myself this morning:

May the calm of this moment, travel with me through the Fall semester.
When I am happy and content may I be thankful.
When I am struggling and sad may I strive for wisdom.
May I take in the distractions of the world and release peace into my environments. 
May I live in God's word and grow in his power and grace.
May the fruit of the Spirit be evident in my heart, mind, and outer being.

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