Friday, August 12, 2011

Week One!

So that I don't forget what the start of this school counseling journey was like. Also, for all of those people who keep me in prayer and are interested in my life up here in GA.

My first week of Internship is done! It was busy and wonderful, and full of the special back to school wonder that resides in elementary schools in particular.

I was watching itty-bitty kids in Pre-K and Kindergarten find their way into this thing called "school".
Secretly seeing parents trying to hold it together as they left their babies. It made me think that I might be a mess one day if I end up being a mama.

As a teacher, I did not realize ALL that the front office and administration did to keep our classrooms peaceful. In good schools, they put out a lot of fires up in the front so that you can focus on teaching. So, it's interesting being on the other end of that.

There was a back-to-school play about working to stop bullying. There was the first of 6 parent/family breakfasts. There was breakdowns and tears that lasted over an hour (for one child)!

However, I am already getting to know the staff. They are a nice group and remind me of the treasure of my Roberts family. Of course, you know me......I have volunteered to help with the patrols, and work with the whole school on education surrounding cyberbullying.

Week One is done and I think that it hints at a full and fulfilling school year.....leading all the way up to Graduation in May!


annie said...

i can't believe it's already time to start thinking about graduation in may... time really does fly! so glad your internship is going well! i knew you'd be fantastic! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good week! ~Cherika