Friday, August 12, 2011

Old School Reads:3

Did you ever have a series of books that you gobbled up? Books that you just could not put down!
Well, I did because I loved series books. I always wanted more. And sure the plots were not that rich, but the comfort of remembered characters was just what I liked as a child.

The Boxcar children was my first book series obsession! Good Grief I adored those books. I definitly read each and every one. But, I mean what an idea. Four orphans and their adventures. I was hooked!

Being in love with them got me ready for Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High later in life.
PS- Let me say that I was completely in love with the Babysitters Club books! I mean you can't even imagine how much I enjoyed those books. And besides the plots they actually were full of random, useless, trivia kind of knowledge. I even had this little free necklace that came with one of the Super Mystery Specials. Yeah, I was that girl!

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Tracy said...

I loved the Babysitters Club too!!!