Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 semesters

My mama reminded me that I have been in grad school for 5 semesters! At first I was going to disagree, but then we counted them together....and she was right! (as she almost always is:)
5 semesters.....all I can say is WOW! (well not really all, that would be too short a post!) I am in a relaxed and silly mood if you cannot tell!

Anyway, the summer of 2010 has long passed, and I stand here at the cusp of the Spring semester of 2012. My last part of grad school. I am in awe a little bit, I will just admit that.

This UGA experience has been deep, and full of discovery, it has been new, and honest, and bright, and yet it has been at times a struggle, and a test. Wrap all of that up, and bake it for a while and you pretty much have my experience.

I have had two years to learn a new trade if you will. Morph from 3rd grade teacher to being a school counselor. I am beyond humbled to find that I fit really well into this new roll. It has not been a stretch to take on counseling. Instead it has been more of an uncovering. More like a journey of discovery.

I have plans and goals for my future. I have been praying and asking for a long time now.....about 5 semesters to be honest. And right now I do not know at all what I will be up to after graduation. I want to know, because in that answer lies the answer to many more decisions. But today is enough. And I can wait and work and grow towards my future.

I am glad that I have this blog. I will need its reminders as I enter 2012 and live each day and the changes that come along.

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