Thursday, December 22, 2011

I spy

This morning I just sat and soaked in the atmosphere of my hometown bedroom. It's the bedroom that baby Sabrina slept in back in 1985. Of course, it has transformed since the first days of a small white bassinet and buttercup yellow walls.

Some things have remained. A beat up old Snoopy doll that slept next to me many nights. Jewelry boxes stuffed with memories and treasures that I just could not bear to let go of. Photos of moments captured during this 26 years of life. Feminine bedroom set, a wonderful and practical gift from a teenage birthday.

Some things showcase change. Two toned purple walls, hand-painted one Thanksgiving. An almost bare closet that once was bursting with the clothes of two sisters. Two very different in one space:) A junk drawer that held middle school notes, class of '03 memories, European travel stubs, and mementos from weddings and baby showers. A ragtag bookcase that sheltered my most favorite things (my books) throughout the years.

I spy a room that has been a part of a well lived life. A room that feels as natural and comforting as the skin I'm in.

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