Thursday, December 15, 2011

For baby Asher

Good, good Morning!

There is a little baby out there who just melts my heart every time I get an update on him:) Really, he is just full of so much love, and loved by so many people that it brightens my days.

His name is Asher. His amazing mama Kassy keeps up a blog about his life....and I love it!

His story is not easy to tell. It is not short and sweet. But it is so full of love, and hope, and joy through suffering. To me his story reminds me of miracles. And I needed and still need that reminder.

I encourage you to check out his showcases the highs and lows, the smiles and tears, and the amazing power of our God to hear and help and heal.....and to provide for us through every challenge!

I love Asher for his little life and happy resilient spirit.
I love how Asher has helped me continue to stretch and grow my prayer life.
I love how he reminds me to simplify.....and to be happy.
I love his supportive parents (especially his mama) and how they are sharing his life so that others can have hope.
I love his journey......because it really is  "a journey in hope".
I love how Asher is my reminder to give thanks....and to have strength.

It will be baby Asher's 2nd Christmas! If you have been reading the blog then you can see how much he has grown. At this season of joy, I wanted to share Asher with you because quite simply he brings a lot of joy to my life.....even over the many miles! Merry Christmas baby boy:)


David and Kassy Phillips said...

Oh Sabrina! YOU are melting my heart and bringing tears to my eyes. I just love you so much! Thank you for lifting me up today (and actually this whole season!) and reminding me that we are not alone on this journey and that the Lord has oh, so many plans for Asher's life. It is sometimes so easy to sit alone with Asher every day and wonder what this is all for. Too often I lose sight of the Lord's heart when I focus on all this physical stuff and forget to trust in His plan and in His love. Thank you for the reminder. I love you sweet friend, sweet sister.

Elizabeth's Pottery said...

Beautifully said!