Friday, December 2, 2011

Song as Prayer

I am very aware of ways to continue and deepen my prayer life. There are other areas in my Christian walk that are sometimes shallow and changeable......but not this area. Oh no not prayer! Because I am really into communication, and that spills over into how I pray and talk to God. In fact, I communicate well with others because I have found my specially crafted prayer times with the Lord.

I am not tied to one spot. I am not tied to the same words. I am not even tied to a specific length. And in all of that is freedom. Amazing freedom! The freedom to meet God and talk to him right here and now. In the moments, and find the refreshing and thankfulness that makes my soul smile.

Lately though, including this evening at the gorgeous UGA Christmas concert, I realized that songs can be prayer. I mean, take a listen to Angles we have Heard on High, and tell me that is not a prayer of absolute praise to God the Father. Voices lifted in song....including my own warbles, are another way for me to express my prayers. So many songs glorify God much deeper than my mere Thank You. A variety of songs address God in his other names, more than just Father. Songs flow up and down and open my heart and mind to see God differently. To experience him anew. To see prayer differently. Because to me, now I know, that whether I say it or sing it or mix both, it all makes up prayer.

In this season of light and love may I sing and pray and pray and sing often. May I delve deep and worship and pray in ever new ways, as a year wraps up and another one comes knocking:) May God's will be done in my life and the lives of all those I love! Amen.

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