Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crafts and Such

I can tell that the end of the semester is nearing (happy dance!). The main indicator is that I have TIME again!!!
Time for rest.
Time for crafting.
Time for cooking and baking.

Thank Goodness! Here are some pics of my latest crafting & cooking adventures. I am in no way a photographer......that is someone else at another blog. But my pics get the idea across;)
So far all the new recipes have been delicious. And the new crafts have turned out cute!
Most of the inspiration to get cooking & crafting again has been through Pinterest. It's a cool site and many friends had recommended that I give it a twirl. Thanks!
Yum, Yum for homemade chicken nuggets. These I will make again. Thanks

 Then there was this yummy squash and zuccini cheese bake! Thanks again

I had seen this idea on Facebook and such around the web. I LOVE it! I am not so great with there were a few little glitches with this crayon wreath.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! Fun thumbprint reindeer cards! 

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