Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Disney with Kiddies: 1

Though I do not have kiddies of my own I do LOVE Disney. And I have been going yearly since I was 3. So I think that qualifies me to be able to share a few tips and hints.

You would think Disney and Kiddies would be an easy combination to figure out. Both are cheerful and just so gosh darn cute. However, I have seen my fair share of overtired, sobbing children and stressed parents at the home of the mouse in Orlando. So, the biggest key is that you might not get to do it all. But you can prioritize and see many of the things your kiddie and you want to experience together. And leave feeling like it truly is the "happiest place on Earth".

1. Get there early. We can be honest.....the kids are already up. The Disney trip is not really the time to sleep til 10 and then eat a leisurely breakfast and roll in around noon. That's more of a beach schedule. You will get more done in the first two hours of the park being open than any other period (well besides parades.....but you will want to see those with the fam). Go online and find out what times the parks open and then be there at that time or close to it.

2. Remember there are 4 parks that make up Disney in Orlando. Magic Kingdom (most people mean this when they say they are going to Disney), Animal Kingdom (hidden gem!), Epcot (fabulous during the holidays especially), and Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM....and home of my favorite show ever Fantasmic). Families with young children will want to pick a park and stay there. With older kids you can park hop (for a price) between the parks for a more varied experience.

3. Know before you go. Before you go, do your research. Look online at park maps and for any special events happening during your trip. Know your budget....and then leave room to wiggle. Disney is a theme is a fantastic example of the Disney marketing magic. And you will have to spend some money while you are there. Figure out in advance what ballpark you are aiming for.

4. Enjoy the food. This is a mama and daddy tip. While the kiddies might be fine with juice boxes and cereal, make sure you try some grub. They have it all, and overall it all is good.

5. Remember it is supposed to be fun! Really, I think sometimes people plan their Disney trip down to the T and then get there and feel overwhelmed. The kiddies are going to have fun.....that is a given. Mama and daddy will have fun too if you act more like a kid. Be flexible, be amazed, be relaxed:)

I hope to share more on this topic at another time. Because I have so many more things to discuss. But I have a friend going to Orlando this I need to get finished for now! Enjoy:)

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