Monday, January 2, 2012


It's one of the first evenings of this year 2012 and I am back in Athens. I really love this town when it is know the peace of things when the students are not back in full force.

After a loud, full, and fabulous vacation.....I am back to my quiet, small, graduate student apartment. I think it will take me a bit to adjust. I don't hear any "house" sounds, like my daddy watching old westerns. Or my mama chopping veggies in the kitchen, or Melanie reading me funny text messages and Facebook updates.


All good things must come to an end, or they would become normal, and we would not appreciate them so much. But I am a little sad to see my time in Florida go bye-bye. The plan is to visit again in March so that makes me smile.

This evening, well this evening is the perfect  time for unpacking, comfort food, making plans and a smidgen of wishing:) It's a good evening to be with myself and meditate on a New Year and the things I need versus the things I want. Night!

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annie said...

I love those quiet evenings. It's always hard to leave family behind, but there's something special about sitting and reflecting with the Father. So glad you get to experience those while in Athens! :)