Sunday, January 22, 2012

Now is the Time

I remember talking to my grandma back in December. She reminded me in her special way, that you should start now what you wanted to be doing during the New Year. I love that idea, and agreed completely with her!

Now is the Time. For what? Everything.

Of course for some things we must wait.....and I bet you already know what those things are.
*This a post for me....talking to myself. But you just never know when someone else needs to hear the same thing you need to hear. We people are much more alike and inter-related than we believe.

Now is the Time to make healthy choices. If you need to work on some things the doctor said, then today is the time to get to the gym or get outside and out the chair.

Now is the Time to cut back. If you need to look at your finances carefully, then today is the day to spend less, spend wisely....and find a local Dave Ramsey class.

Now is the Time to spend time with friends. Day trips to Atlanta, phone chats, and movies. Friends are a blessing and taking time to be with them is so, so important.

Now is the Time to know what you want from life. Each day we get a little older, and it seems to work out best when we have direction and goals.

Now is the Time to relax. Feeling stressed, lost, and unconnected, find moments and make moments to be still and observe the parts of life that are truly the stars, and the cool breeze.

Now is the Time to laugh. I think not laughing makes you older quicker. So find laughter, and find people who turn the smile into laughter and then hang out with them and let loose.

Now is the Time to write. Maybe you feel stuck, or restless. Writing can take all of those feelings and get them out of your head and onto tangible paper.....which is probably the first step towards getting unstuck.

Now is the Time to end this post. Because it is Sunday evening and I did not get my nap. Have a blessed week!

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