Sunday, January 1, 2012

Undiscovered Places

What a mysterious title. I wonder just what will I delve into, when I bring up the idea of undiscovered places?

I was sitting around with my family, just spending time together, not doing much. And it made me think as I sat and giggled at my mama's pantomime poem about a tree......there are undiscovered dynamics even within the family that I love so much. As I grow up I see, hear, and experience even more with my family of four. It is interesting and overall a good thing. Signs of growth and change if you will.

Then my mind jumped to what undiscovered places are there within me? Really, what is there that resides in me that has yet to be tested or displayed? I am only 26. I have a lot of life left, hopefully. What traits and characteristics are laying dormant in my life? That really is an intriguing thought.

I am sure there are both positive and not so positive undiscovered places in myself. I guess, at this start of a new year I am thinking about what might occur in 2012 that might show me more of myself.  I am sure that I will share some of that here with you long as I am aware of the changes myself.

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