Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Beep, Beep, Beep.....have you ever heard the sound of a large truck backing up? Usually it is ear piercing, so that no one gets run over or some other accident.

Well today I gave myself permission to unload (see earlier truck reference) my schedule a bit. Yeah, even though I had some plans made and a kind of vision for this term. I needed to unload. And instead of just working ahead like a steam engine and then wearily returning home each night...I decided to purposefully take a break. Amen for that.

I am not talking about anything drastic. I just dropped one class, that was an elective. But do you know I still struggled with that choice? Like my Internship supervisor told me, my real struggle was what I was going to think about myself because I dropped the class. She was right, and that right there is some deep stuff.

This is the semester of graduation.....and one of the best things I can do for myself, besides getting healthier, is learning how to have a manageable schedule. And that is my job, because as a member of the "Yes I Can Club" I am the one who makes choices to overextend myself. Another pearl of wisdom from my supervisor is that when you do things well and they look like they come easy to you, well others are not going to know when to help you, or give you a break. So for my personality type I have to be able to ask for help and say No. That is going to play a major part in sustaining me through the years.

Unloading: A poem of sorts by a non-poet (me)
hectic, busy, frustrated, intense
swirling feelings crop up as day in and out
she works, and works, and works even more.
It is not a bad thing. Well, maybe, just maybe it is.
Listen to the others in your life. Look at their examples and then select carefully.
Turn down the noise. Slow down the steps. Think clearly.
Unloading.....she drops a few packages here and there
the very best part
She is better for her efforts.
She is better for her efforts.

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annie said...

oh man... i needed this. :) thank you.