Monday, January 9, 2012

I need to dream office

Here is one thing I am finding out. I can't get too much schoolwork done in my apartment.
Could it be the fact that my desk is literally inches from my TV?
Maybe it's the limited natural light that peeks through the blinds?
I wonder if it's my cramped desk a.k.a dining room table for 1?

Whatever it might be, this I know. I can't do too much school related thinking at my place. Thank goodness for 2 Story coffee shop, and the Miller Learning Center, and my jobs.
Otherwise yours truly might be having to add an extra semester on to her graduate degree;)

When I get a larger space here are some things I want to have in my home office. Because right now I lack them and I want to be able to be more productive at home:

I want a bookcase. Papers tumbling and perched on top of binders and books just won't cut it.

I want a roomy desk, and a new office chair. Mine have passed the test of time. And they are begging to be replaced. I hear their pleas!

I want better speakers. I can get a lot done through the power of Pandora radio.....and better speakers would spread the music I love more equally throughout my space.

Some personal touches would help. They might get me to want to spend more time in the office.

That's about it. I think my list is manageable and efficient, kinda like me!

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AprilinSalone said...

I work at home a lot - i have a huge desk now donated to me from another grad student. I do have an office at the school but I hate sharing a big room with other people who are constantly getting visitors and talking. And it's COLD in there! I'd love a fancier desk and chair someday though. :)