Saturday, January 7, 2012

In 2012.....

In December 2010 I wrote this about what I thought might happen in 2011. Like all predictions, some things occurred (new babies and new relationships to name a few) and some things didn't (getting more in shape and better financial responsibility to name a few more).

Since, it's still the start of this new year, I wanted to take some moments and think about some of the things that might and hopefully will happen in 2012 for myself and those I love.

* Graduation with my Masters degree in Professional School Counseling; and certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy
*Finding a permanent/full time job (in an elementary school) in Metro Atlanta (I hope!)
*Getting started on my personal goal of settling down and all that this goal encompasses
*Friends and family I know will have babies, and begin new relationships, and get engaged, and maybe get married,and some might beak-up
*Family time in March including a new member on the scene, Melanie's boyfriend!
*Moving out of this temporary place, that has become my Athens home
*Conquering some health struggles, and getting fit
*Living out my 2012 goal of Positive Growth, and Helping More (just a note: When you ask to find ways to help more....well just be prepared because you will start to notice a plethora of things)
*People that I know and love will pass away or suffer through illness
*My first cruise
*Other assorted trips and travels and general good times with those I love
*Turning 27 and continued growth into the Godly woman I want to be (with all of it's ups and downs)

I'll end this up with the same words I used last year.
Now with all of that said I will say this.....2012 is a completely unknown entity. Sure, I know some things but they are so tiny compared to what I have no idea about. The key is to hold fast to God, have faith and grace, love my family and friends, and be the very best Sabrina Maude Stewart that I can be.....that should not be too hard ( I am kidding) it will probably take me 365 days to kind of get it right!

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Jess said...

I was reading through this, and then I got to admire your beautiful middle name! Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your daily journals. It brings joy to my heart to know that I have a friend that shares all that they are quite openly.