Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Memories on my Desk

The plethora of people in my life are represented on my desk. It's kinda amazing that in the clutter there are reminders of years and people and places.

A note taped to the upper ledge shows me baby names I enjoy (I have no use at all for them at this time...but there they remain). You wanna know a few?...OK! Shea, Harmony, Davis, William, and Ruby are on my list.

I also have my 2011 goals staring me in the face. Yep, I need to update them....right now my 2012 goals and prayer requests are in my prayer journal (a birthday gift from Julie)

Back in the right corner is a Vera Bradley note cube from one of my former students.

There is the eclectic, 4 seasons charger that I made with Stacey. Next to it is a beautiful, free lamp from Marian.

There is also a pouch of my favorite game (Bananagrams) laying next to a camera of undeveloped memories.

I have blank cards and flash drives, and digital voice recorders all scattered around.

There is this laptop that I purchased out of money from my summer camp job.

Goodness, just by writing this I realize that this desk has some serious character. In fact the desk itself was given to me by Katy and Chris as they got ready to leave for NYC.

Of course there are books....mostly graduate textbooks, but not all.

There are stamps for letters to those I love. And a birthday gift from Annie that reminds me to "Choose Joy".

I kinda love how without trying I was reminded how connected my life is to others. No matter where I go or end up....I can carry memories with me!

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