Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Whew.....I LOVE to travel.....if you know me then you know that;)

However, since this time last week I have been in 5 cities. That trip has spanned 3 states! I know!!

And this travel queen is dog tired. However, seeing my grandma, being there for a momentous graduation, court dates, lake trips, and UGA were all calling my name in the same week.

Whew....these old bones won't be trying a trip like that again soon I imagine. If you need me, please feel free to come up to UGA.....because I don't plan on leaving for a while:)

PS- Now in all honestly I might be going with my aunt to drop my cousin off at Hampton University in Virginia but that is in 2 weeks and family always breaks my self-imposed rules and regulations.

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