Monday, June 27, 2011

It's as Simple as....Frozen Yogurt


The frozen yogurt craze that is hitting America is right up my alley. Now that I have discovered the absolute amazingness of Menchies frozen yogurt.....I am a happy girl. The Georgia Peach mixed with Cake Batter is my favorite.....even though it sounds like something someone who is pregnant would also enjoy;)

Of course frozen yogurt is delicious, and the summer is the absolute best time for this sweet, cold dessert. But, I have a little stronger tie to frozen yogurt.

You see, back in the day, early 90's to be exact, I had some dear and precious family memories at TCBY. Only those of a certain age will remember TCBY. Sadly, many of them closed down nationwide.

But before that TCBY was our families special treat location. Every so often after a good report card my parents would take us to TCBY. And the big, big deal to young Sabrina and Melanie was that we could get a parfait....and pick our own toppings! I don't even think adults understand how much the freedom of choice means to kiddies.

I almost always got vanilla yogurt, and then layers of gummi bears, rainbow sprinkles.....and cookie dough! YUM!

These simple times of laughter, conversation, yogurt, and love stand out to me years later. I am not a parent or anything.....but these yogurt memories, simple yogurt memories remind me that we don't have to try that hard. That being with family and simple enjoyments of life, those stand the test of time even longer than flash in the pan trends. Here's to yogurt and a summer of simple gatherings, laughter, and dessert:)

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