Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's Day....kind of

As with most people these days I randomly click on interesting links that pop up on my homepage news feed throughout the day. Sometimes you get a dud.....like a story about a woman who for medical reasons can only wear the color pink (I am making that up)!

However, I stumbled across this sports article and the best part of it is it just happens to coincide with Father's Day which is coming up this week. If you scroll about halfway down, the article shows a truly moving, almost too real moment of emotion for Michael Jordan when he and the Bulls won the NBA Championship in 1996. The final game was played and won on Father's Day and he obviously had the loss of his father on his mind and heart that day.

The image of this strong, man's man, on the floor.... literally unable to stand, overcome by his joy and his grief gripped my heart hours ago and just won't let go. I really think it is because in our society we don't like raw emotions, especially grief. And we definitely don't know what to do with that deep grief when it is being expressed by a man. I love my father SO much and things like this remind me that he one of the best blessings in my life and I am blessed to still have him with me!!!

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