Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not to be too repetitive....but there was this story....

A catch phrase lately has been the concept of the "story".

Live your story, your life is a story so be real, your story is you and you are your story, etc. In church, in books, with friends.....stories are everywhere and they are inspiring and exciting.

So, I am torn because I love to read, read, read....so stories play a large part in my life. However, what if we are so focused on the story of others that we are leaving pages of our own book blank? What if you write a sentence in your book and then edit it to fit in with the stories of others in your life? That is a little troubling to me.

If you believe that your life is a story then it needs to be an original! 

I mean the last time I checked Snow White was not wanting to be Ariel. Elizabeth Bennett did not care about the opinions of others around her and would not have wanted to be Beth March. I see it this way. Have a story for your life. Let it ring true with the facts about you. What you wanted to do....and then what you actually did. Where you were able to go. How you served and loved and grew. Let your story be so unique that you don't even care if others want to read it or not....because in your gut you know it's a fabulous tale! And that is hard....because we want approval. We are humans after all. I mean I will check this blog post later to see if I get any comments. So, I understand that I am going on about something that is not that simple.

However, having a story, that is a powerful tool. Don't let anyone take your pen and start writing sections without your permission. Don't give careless, or hurtful people your pen and let them write. Be careful as you write....stories have regrets sometimes but that is never a good theme for a whole book. Be awake to the plot twists, character changes, and developments that appear in your story each and every day. If your life is your story make it the best story you can possibly write:)


Anonymous said...

narrative therapy :-) It's one of my favorites. ~Cherika P.S.-I just shutdown my blog for good this time...I don't need it anymore apparently b/c I have to remind myself to write in it. I'll just stick to jornal writing in a journal ~Cherika

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annie said...

loved this! :) you should read "a million miles in a thousand years" by donald miller. i know i gave you "blue like jazz" by him & i don't recall you liking that one, BUT this book is written in a much different style, and it's all about writing YOUR story. in your spare time (hahaha) maybe you could give it a try!