Sunday, June 12, 2011

Love, Love, Love

It is both easy and hard to love. In many ways love is difficult yet worthwhile. And that is why people (including me) struggle with it. That is why the term love is used in situations where no real love exists. Because it is SO multifaceted. Because it is SO ingrained in our beings as humans. Because we love the notion of love.

Oh, all the different types of love. Passionate, enduring, forgiving, gentle. The list could go on and on and on. Love is an action word. It is an action because I believe it is something you do. It would be easier to think that love happens to us. But that is the reason so many people give up and stop trying to love. Because they feel like they have no real part in it. That when the rubber meets the road they don't have any buy in, into this love they are supposed to feel for others. But when you choose to be love.....that right there will change your life. It will bring both sorrow and joy and yet you will endure because of the basic and powerful love you choose to act out day in and day out.

Complex, though it may seem. Love is rewarding. For myself as a Christian, when I love others I am getting the closest to the God in them. And at 26 I now know that what is lovable in me is God....the smile, the kindness...the consideration. That is all him and I am SO grateful.

 Trials, mistakes, fears. Love goes to battle with all of these things and more.....and the big secret is that it always wins. True love, abiding love, faithful love always wins.
But love masked as jealousy, violent love, fake, wishy-washy love.......when that love goes to battle it fails time and again because it is an illusion. And yet each day we look around at people grasping desperatly for the illusion of love. There are voids both deep and wide in people and they want to be filled. And the illusion of love will seem to be fulfilling. It is powerful and it will trick you.....but when the test comes, and this I know full well....the tests will will vanish in your hand like smoke. And as humans we all know people who are still confused about how the "love" in their life disappeared. When the reality is it was never there. That fake love is the biggest mind game of all. And it saddens me to see and hear people doing all that they can to get the illusionary love. Selling their bodies, souls, earthy possessions and minds  for moments of "love" in their life.

Deep thoughts for a Sunday! I hope that everyone who reads this has found real love in their life. That we would all have the wisdom to tell the difference. To not put fake love out into the world, nor accept it from others. I hope that we all are doing our very best to be love to others. That in a world of flattering words and broken promises, we stand up for action and helping and loving and the joy it will bring into our lives.