Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2 book Reviews

I had quite the reading weekend. It was pretty nice I will admit.

Since I finished The Hunger Games and MWF seeking BFF I figured I would share my opinion with you all. This is what I would share if I was back in Tally with my fabulous bookclub.

So, up first is MWF seeking BFF. I am happy to say that by the end of the book I found the author much more likable and relate-able. At first her honesty was kind of off putting. I kept thinking of course you are not going to make any friends thinking like THAT! But by the last page she had grown and that was obvious to me the reader. Can I just say that one major point I took away from the book is that Chicago has a tremendous amount of things to do. She was cooking, shopping, reading, and improving all over the town. And I wished that I could swap places with her for a week or two. However, I could never, ever take the it could not be permanent.
Reading this book made me look at my own flaws as a friend and pet peeves. I think of myself as a friendly and approachable person, so I mainly gleaned good reminders about the ups and downs of friendships. I have had to move away from friends and her writing reminded me that it can go well sometimes or blow up in your face sometimes. In the end, I enjoyed the book and will be lending it to another friend tomorrow. One note is that in contrast to the author, my friends of common faith are my stronghold. They get me and my purpose on all levels and there is comfort in that fact.

Then we have The Hunger Games. I enjoyed the book much more than I thought I would! I was not exactly overjoyed to be reading it at first. I don't know I just had all of these preconceived notions. However, two things helped break the ice, finally. One was a fabulous description of the book by a friend at work that highlighted the political undertones, which got me intrigued. And, another friend told me to read it, but that it was not my type of book, and that I was not going to love it, because she had not. Wow, her honesty got my attention for sure. She was the first and only person to say that to me, and the surprise of her words tipped me over the edge and got me ready to read.

I am in no way outdoorsy so though the book is fiction I was intrigued about the whole idea of fending for yourself in nature. Of course if you know me then you know I would have lasted maybe one day, max. My skills at making friends and leadership would count for diddly squat in the Hunger Games. Were you like me, comparing yourself to the characters and finding your lack of survival skills abysmal? Also, I wonder how the movie will do the book justice? I will have to wait and see.
The book is entertaining and a swift read. Thank You for all of the people who recommended I give it a try. There are two more books in the series, and though currently I don't have much interest in reading them, that definitely might change.
Grad school beckons and "fun" reading has to be pushed aside in lieu of resumes, portfolios, projects, and planning but I am so glad I got these two books read.

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