Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cooking Mama

With February wrapping up I have had some peaceful weekends. Time for naps and $2 movies. Time for school work and cooking. Yep, time for cooking!

I have been in the kitchen much more at the start of this 2012 year. Hooray!
Of course, not having a dish washer kinda puts a cramp in things, because I hate to use a whole bunch of dishes when I know I will have to put in the elbow grease to wash every thing. I know, such a complaint from the "modern world" or whatever people call it;)

I thought I would recap here and provide some recipes, because you know, food that comes recommended from someone holds a little more weight than just random recipes.

This veggie lasagna was good. It was too salty to me, so I would cut back on the salt it asks for. Also, I choose to use broccoli and zucchini (you can use whatever veggies you like). The fab part is I made it in my crockpot. Yeah, I know! It's one I would make again, with just a little tweaking.

These cupcakes were nice and dense and delicious. They were not super sweet, but they were tasty. After a day or two, they tasted better if you warmed 'em up in the microwave for 20 seconds.

At this moment (last night now) I am sitting here waiting for these brownies to cool! Easy to make and the addition of mini marshmellows, almonds, and chocolate chips makes them over the top delicious! My sweet tooth is satisfied:)

On a frigid, rainy weekend I made this Mexican Chicken soup. YUM! It has my seal of approval as well as my families and some of the cohort. It's soo very good and easy to make. Another crockpot champ! The only tweaking I did was to substitute one can chicken broth for the one bottle of beer it calls for.

Oh and Melanie made these biscuits on my last visit. SO DELICIOUS! I mean they were fabulous and so easy to make. It feels like cheating because it should not be this easy to make a biscuit. I always feel like biscuits should leave you a flour covered mess, muttering and waving around a rolling pin;)

Now I need to know. What have you been cooking? Please share if you have a winning recipe that you think I should try.

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