Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How did Valentine's Day get such a bad wrap?

Good Morning,
 It's a cold and moist Tuesday where I live. And it's also Valentine's Day!
 I was thinking about what to write, and then life helped me out by bringing me to a fundamental, life changing, epic question;)....
"How did Valentines's Day get such a bad wrap?" or "Why do people dislike Valentine's Day so much?"

From what I can see, there are 3 camps.
Camp 1: This is the Single's Awareness Day camp. Though it is a catchy phrase, I don't find myself here or needing to wear black to let people know how "anti" I am.
Camp 2: This is the "OH it's ONLY a Hallmark holiday!" "Just a day that is overrun with material items that do not equal love." I am not in this camp either, because in my book, when have flowers, candy, or cards ever hurt anyone's relationship?
Camp 3: This is the place for those who enjoy the fun, festivity, and love that encompasses Valentine's Day. And you probably already guessed it, but this is where I fit. I enjoy laughter, light, and fun. I like having a day to tell and show others how much I love them. Just because I am not dating anyone or married to anyone, or friends with benefiting anyone, does that mean I should enjoy Valentines any less. No way! I am surrounded by caring friends and my family is my treasure. I love myself mightily and love God most of all.

No matter where you find yourself on this day. Whether Camp 1,2,3, or someplace completely different. I hope your day ends up being really good. Get in some laughter, get in something sweet (a cupcake perhaps), and take time to use your words and let those around you know for certain that you love them greatly. Because to me, that is what it's all about.


Mercedes said...

So true!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha...you made me laugh when you wrote "friends with benefiting anyone". Happy Valentines Day! ~Cherika

JulViel said...

I laughed at the "friends with benefiting anyone" too! I'm glad you're happy, that makes me happy! I think it helps being surrounded by kids on VDay. There's no way you can be in group 1 while they're around. :) I hope you had a great day!