Saturday, February 25, 2012

Favorite Things Party!

Crafting was a fun part of hosting the party. This will become the mini centerpiece.
Since it was February and approaching Valentines Day, I made "heart" giftbags for each girl to take her "favorite things" home.
This fun mini banner was made with red sparkly ribbon, pink sparkle clothes pins and hearts made from paint samples. Easy on the wallet.
The "love" wreath was a fun way to showcase some paper flowers and rosettes. As you can tell I was in the crafting mood!
Just some of the amazing snacks!
Even more food!
Yep, the finished product from the first picture.
My food contribution. Brown sugar poundcake cupcakes with brown sugar cream cheese frosting.
And of course allllll of the favorite things.
As you can tell...maybe, my first attempts at a Favorite Things party went fabulously.
18 girl friends. (I know I don't have any photos of them! But they were there...I am making a transition to a new camcorder/camera and well, I'm still learning).
Endless delicious goodies and snacks.
Mountains of gifts and laughter, and delightful fun.
Some of the gifts were: green tea, jewelry, homemade CD's, chocolate, notepads, bubbles, etc. You name it, and we might have had it. Hearing the stories behind the gifts was the best part of all.
It made me so happy to see so many friends together, catching up, chatting, relaxing, and enjoying time together. Why don't we do this more often?
Are you interested in hosting your own Favorite Things party? I know you are;) You can always contact me if you have questions. Or go here for some ideas about having a Favorite Things party of your very own!
Just follow the basic mold, but let the details be centered around you and your special group of friends.
* Thank you to Annie for inspiring me to host my own party and Julie for always sharing your fun stories about being a Favorite Things party guest! *


JulViel said...

Beautiful! I need to host my own one of these days. I know the ladies at my church and work would love it and it would be tons of fun. Maybe I'll do one in the spring (which is just about here!). It would be fun, Easter colors!

annie said...

so glad you had fun! it sounds like this was a blast, and everything is beautiful!

Sabrina said...

Julie you should do it! Those ladies would have a blast...and maybe the weather will be nice enough to have it outside!
Thank You Annie! I got a lot of joy out of crafting and hosting!