Saturday, February 4, 2012

Graduation Nesting- Books

As far I know nesting is the act of collecting items for an upcoming big event like a birth. More formally, Merriam-Webster says a nest is a snug retreat; resting place; or home. So nesting is the verb form of the noun nest, maybe.

Well, however you want to define it, I am doing it. But in my own fashion. I am nesting books for my post graduation life! It is a funny thing. I ordered 2 books from Amazon last week, and have no plans to read them until May.

Many friends have recommended books to me over the years and I am eyeing them to see which I need to get and have ready to devour later this year.

For sure I HAVE to take time and finish Wherever you go there you are. I am savoring it so slowly, but it has changed the way I see nature and still, peaceful moments and a meditative life. I would have never really paid attention to how the sun shines off a puddle as I walk to my car, if not for this book. I can't wait to finish it during a summer beach trip.

Before I start my job (probably in August) I need to read Man's Search for Meaning. I have heard about it in my program left and right and just have not had time to get to it.

There is a copy of  The Happiness Project waiting patiently for my return.

Also, I really want to complete Animal,Vegetable, Miracle.

Last but not least, the cook in me is so eager to finally read Julie and Julia. I loved the movie and it got me all excited to read the book.

Whew, that is a lot of reading to do. But I am more than up to the challenge. I will be back soon with my full opinions on two books from this post last week. Yep, I finished The Hunger Games and MWF seeking BFF. It's been a good weekend for reading.....and party hosting! More on that later too:)


JulViel said...

I'm excited to read what you thought of MWF Seeking BFF. It's on my list as soon as I finish what I'm reading now. I also would love to read your blog thoughts on Hunger Games. I know we talked about it but still. :) Have a great week!

Sabrina said...

Well lookey here;) You are a woman of your word. Have a wonderful week too! The other opinions will be coming soon.