Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Words, feelings, thoughts, actions, public, emotions, personal, safe, and scary. 
Love is all of this and much more.

I'm spending this week studying Love. It is both the beginning, middle, and end of all the things that really matter. It is also infinity tied into all things.
So it probably is important that I continue to know more about it. Knowing full well that I won't ever get every beautiful, fragile nuance, but not letting that hinder me.

At this present time in life I would say that daily I feel loved, and get a chance to show others my love for them.

In some ways love to me has always been a bright thing. I have not had others try to manipulate me to gain my love and in my naive way I open myself up and welcome others into my life. Except on the times when I don't do this. Because there is a catch of course. There are little hidden parts and crevices of this love thing that still allude me.

Loving those who make adult decisions that effect the lives of children. Being open, loving and vulnerable in a romantic relationship. Loving forgiveness that heals and then tries again, and again. These are my mountains. There is only 1 guide who will be able to help me with these particular peaks and cliffs.

However, loving words given to those who are in need of some brightness. Spur of the moment words and questions that let people know that I care. I care so very much. Loving thoughts and prayers lifted for those near and far who still reside in my heart. A genuine smile and listening ear. These are my love accomplishments. At 26 they are the things I know and things I do and practice in love.

At the start of this year I wrote about Positive Growth. It has been a wonderful goal for this year. Full of health and time to be with myself. I hope Love continues to uphold me. That my Positive Growth be illuminated by a growing love, a mature love, and a refreshing love that becomes a vital part of my everyday life.

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