Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Waiting for fruit

Yesterday, I had a thought that really kind of perfectly sums up life for myself and many around me at the moment. Remember, I am in a real college town...way more so than Tallahassee. And most of my social circle is in their 20's, whether early, late, or mid.

I realized that many people are waiting for some fruit. What does that mean?
Well, I am no farmer, but after a while of planting, tending, and watering.....people are ready for the harvest. We wanna see, and experience, and know the tangible crop.

After times of looking at the earth and having faith that life is still growing, and trying to find patience to not just dig up the seeds, and use whatever we find so that "our way" wins out. After all of this, I feel like the harvest is nearing! What a happy, joyous, and delightful feeling!

Because I think you know, if you are currently in a season where you have harvested. And you are already enjoying the fruit that you waited for. The rewards are great. To finally be able to see what you waited for. Golden. To be able to touch what was once just a dream. Magical. If even for just a while, to have less questions. Especially the big one of "When".... "Oh when?!" Peaceful.

Part of my wait, has been realizing the wait for others. How? Having a prayer group with ladies who I love. Communicating with friends, and neighbors to learn more than just "How are you?" Truly using my God given talent to connect with people. And then not forgetting them and their cares, but doing my best to support, and check back in, and pray for them. My wait is not the most important one anymore. Of course, I still want the sweet fruit that I know is coming my way. But my heart is ready to rejoice with some other farmers.
Here are just a few examples of some of the upcoming harvest (hopefully)
New Jobs
Increased health
Stable relationships leading to marriage
Relaxation and Renewal 

The time is coming. I get a little anxious sometimes. But, in the waiting there are lessons. And I will always remember this time in my life and the life of my friends. Because in waiting you learn to be still. And in planting you learn to hope. And in the eventual harvest you learn praise and thanksgiving.

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