Sunday, February 5, 2012

Old Wounds

Whoever said to be very careful about who you let hurt you, well they were extremely wise.

Hurt is an odd thing. It's vast and yet it's tiny. It can make perfect sense in our head but come out as gibberish when we talk. And today I just wanted to say, don't you see I was hurt before and even though that was in the past it has made me cautious. It has made me careful, and it can still make me sad.

For all the positivity and light out there, the growth and shades of hurt are where the rare plants are found. And if you have not been hurt, or don't/can't acknowledge it in your life then this whole post will probably make no sense to you.

But if you have......
Well then you know in some ways it changes you. You know that just like a child who learns an "adult" secret you can't go back to how it was. And in the end I believe it is for the better. Sometimes we would never change if there were not some hurt and disappoint involved. Because let's face it, sadness, grief, hurt, distrust, and the like are some of the best teachers, because their lessons stay with us. Once you have been frozen, even when you thaw, you remember. And once you have been pushed really hard, you still know the place where the bruise was, even after it has faded.

So what then Sabrina? What is the point? I guess none really, or maybe just this one. Try again anyway. Be resilient past what you think is possible for yourself. Look all around, and not just at the small clouded area where hurt reigns. And don't make hurried decisions based solely on hurt. Old wounds will stay old wounds if we just let them be. They become new wounds that have to become old again when we pick at them, and worry them to death, and treat them roughly.

* I really had such a great weekend! And though the tone of this post is more contemplative it does not change the fact that my life is sweet and good and blooming with new life and possibilities.*


JulViel said...

This past week my small group's discussion was on this, well, what can come from this. We had a great discussion stemming from Hebrews 3 about hardened hearts. We realized that a lot of hardened hearts stem from hurt because, as you said, that's what sticks with us. If we are wronged in some way, we want to cower in a corner and protect ourselves so that won't happen again. We also want what we view as justice. If someone hurts us, they should be punished.

I could go on about this, we really had a great discussion Wednesday night, but you reminded of something I need to do. Thanks for posting!

Sabrina said...

You are welcome. Your small group discussion sounds interesting. We need to chat about it next time we talk.